The Power of One
2012. A New Year. This time of year many people make New Year resolutions, some easy to keep, others impossible. Have you ever thought about changing just one thing? That’s not overwhelming; it’s just one thing. The power of one can have a big impact on your life. Here are a few suggestions of how to incorporate the power of one into your life this year to change it for the better.

1.Learn something new. I know, I know, you are saying that you learn something new every day – on the job or fixing a broken ‘something’ at home. But what about learning a new language? Or taking an art or cooking class? Sometimes you just have to give your right brain a chance to engage , and you’ll be amazed at what you will learn and how that will help your left brain activities.

2.Create a fitness plan. This isn’t focused on a diet, but incorporating one thing into your life that helps you become more fit. It could be taking a break a couple of times a day and walking around the block, or making a jogging date after work. Why not try something new like a dance or yoga class this year? Riding your bike to work? Yes, executives can do it! Even just one thing can improve your health.

3.Volunteer. What? Where will you find the time to devote to volunteering? Think out of the box. Maybe someone in your organization could use a mentor? A local children’s baseball team may need an assistant coach. And there are many nonprofit volunteer organizations that could use your help. If you can’t budget time to physically volunteer, consider donating – household items you no longer use. January is a great time of year to clean out closets, or purge a few items once a month throughout the year.

4.Get organized. Did you lose sight of the top of your desk – literally – cluttered with papers and stuff? Need to find important paperwork for taxes, and year-end reports? Take a stab at this job – either in one chunk or in small blocks of time, devoting 15 minutes to a pile of paperwork that needs going through. Clean out the file cabinet to make way for next year’s bills, receipts, etc. Even if all you can do is organize the piles of papers – that’s one step closer to getting the whole job done. Reduce the clutter, and you may experience a more cohesive working environment and mindset as a result.

5.Set priorities on how you spend your time. Time is precious and no matter what we think, we can never negotiate more time. We can make more money, buy more things, but the time we are given on earth is non-negotiable. So make your time count. By doing just one thing, setting up a date night with a loved one, or night out with friends, you can put more joy in your life. Happier people live better lives, perform better on the job, and are better relationship managers. Be the best manager you can of your life and set priorities on what’s most important to you this year.